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Communities EmPowered

Summit Community Solar is community-driven and community-supported. Be part of something bigger, empower your community with clean and secure solar energy.

For one person, going solar may feel daunting, costly, and overwhelming. Together, we can plug into the sun and share the benefits of clean energy (while also reaping the huge savings from a bulk purchase). Be part of something bigger and join Summit Community Solar. Now is the time to empower your community with clean and secure solar energy. 

Community-Driven, Community-Supported

Summit Community Solar is helping to create healthy, thriving communities, empowered and sustained by clean energy. Community leaders, local governments, and a local nonprofit are uniting to make solar power simple and more affordable than ever before! 

Modeled after the highly successful and impactful Solarize community bulk-purchase model, Summit Community Solar helps communities decide: who to hire, what to budget, and where to start. Interested citizens come together to choose a contractor, purchase and install solar as a community, and save significant costs as a result of bulk purchasing of solar electric panels. 

Be a Part of Something Bigger

Choosing home-grown solar power for your home means big things: greater self-reliance, improved air quality, reduced emissions, energy independence, healthy communities, and huge solar savings! Using a tiered pricing structure, Summit Community Solar helps reduce the upfront cost of solar (before incentives); the discount grows with the number of participants. Together, we can be a part of something bigger and create big benefits today and for future generations.