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Past Program Testimonials

Past Community Solar programs have helped over 600 homeowners go solar in Utah. Check out some of the community solar participant testimonials below! 

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The installation of a 4 kW system (left) and the completed system (right) on D & R Engfer's roof.


mazzoni triad

Michael's 4.2 kilowatt solar panels before and after installation.  Solar panels are mounted on rails that are attached to the roof, and in this case, each solar panel has its own micro-inverter (visible in the photo on the right)

Park small Park net metering small2

Pete and Bonnie's 3.9 kW solar installation running the net meter backwards on a sunny day.


A 4.77 kW system on Trace G's home in Jeremy Ranch.  

McMurtrie small

Deb McMurtrie and Jim Martin's alpaca ranch, Sunrise Ranch Alpacas in Kamas, is now solar powered!

RC small

"So far I've received 2 monthly billings from  the power company and all I've paid is the service charge. They are already storing up credit for the winter months!" 

GS barn

A 7 kilowatt solar array on Gaye and Dick's barn in Summit County.

HE small  

A 6.36 kilowatt system in South Snyderville Basin in July 2013


FR thumbnail

 "We wanted to lower our energy bill and our carbon footprint... we're generating more electricity from solar than we use."
JT small
A 3.71 kilowatt installation in South Snyderville Basin completed in July, 2013
AT2 small

"So far the system has been performing flawlessly, and what I find is amazing is that it even generates power on cloudy or rainy days." 

A Community Solar program in Salt Lake County installed 232 kilowatts of solar in 2012.  Check out some of the installations completed in Salt Lake County:

 "We are going solar because it just makes sense. We're close to retirement and will be living on a reduced income. By joining the Community Solar Project now while we are financially able, we can add a 3.2kw system and eliminate almost 60% of our total consumption. When I look at the interest I'm earning in my bank savings account, this is an opportunity to make an investment that pays me to install."

~ Jay of Salt Lake City


 "The monitor is showing excellent readings for electricity generation. Gardner Engineering brought the net metering contract for us to sign and they will deal with all the building permits and inspections. All very easy and smooth!"

~ Marilyn of Salt Lake City






"The contractor did a great job, RMP changed the meter and I am now solar powered. Thank you Salt Lake Community Solar."

~ Kay of West Valley


"Thanks to Salt Lake Community Solar, we now have 10 functioning solar panels on the roof of our recently re-roofed garage, pushing us close to net-zero. Gardner Engineering came up with a custom design for us to be able to put south-facing panels on an east-facing roof."

~ Mark and Kate of Salt Lake City