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What is Community Solar?

Going solar can seem complicated, but Mountain Town Community Solar helped homeowners overcome the logistical and financial hurdles of going solar. Participants united to tackle the solar process as a team, realizing great cost savings through bulk-purchasing power. Modeled after other successful campaigns, Mountain Town Community Solar drew on the lessons learned from other communities to bring the program to Wasatch and Summit Counties. Local citizens and non-profits worked together to lead this effort and ensure its success!

Meet the Team!

Mountain Town Community Solar was a project of non-profit partners Utah Clean Energy and Summit Community Power Works in partnership with  a community volunteer Steering Committee, and support from Summit County, Vail Resort's Epic Promise Program, and Park City.

The volunteer Steering Committe was selected by Alpenglow Solar to serve as the solar contractor for the program.

In 2013 Summit Community Solar helped 60 Summit County residents install 314 kilowatts of solar. Learn how this years program went by signing up for our newsletter